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Introducing the Michal Young Trilogy, the latest series by Martin R. Judge, now available on Kobo.



What would you do if you were the richest woman on the planet and the leader of an international political party large enough to demand world governance? Going crazy yet? Enter Michal Young. She earns herself a key role in the sexy, high tech world of space travel after inventing a revolutionary form of technology, but her world quickly turns upside down. Things get confusing as everything she touches seems to be ascending at once -- spaceships, political aspirations, gender roles, and Michal's dreams along with them.

 All Michal really wants to do is explore space, ...provided she lives that long.



Michal Young, the rich, tenacious woman who once saved the planet from destruction, returns with husband Max and daughter Xing-Sheng to face an enemy intent on global domination. Into the mix throw a side order of mayhem, as it appears the women of the world are changing in a most provocative way. And to make matters worse, an ancient Chinese legend implicates Xing-Sheng as someone with the potential to make all men disappear. From Art Nouveau dining rooms in space to an asteroid that has a mind of its own, Michal is tested by the worst ordeals yet as a new intellectual power from space threatens to challenge everything she knows about herself… or thought she knew.



Michal Young, searcher for alien artefacts, barely has time to catch her breath when she wakes up naked and alone within a strange ship. Back on Earth, two mind-numbing problems are developing -- why has an alien Guide chosen to usher in a male extinction of the human race and why, at this inopportune time, does someone want to disrupt power all over the world. Should Michal fail in both cases, the women of the world may not live long enough to reach their intellectual potential and, the Earth will be in the clutches of a sociopathic billionaire who is demanding to run the planet.

Enter 'shoot from the hip' Michal Young, who finds herself in the thick of it again desperately trying to turn upheaval into triumph. "Why is it always me, Max?" 



Have you ever wanted to be eight feet tall, good looking and highly intelligent? Let me introduce you to Tank McCoy, a giant of a man with a passion for exploring outer space and he’s just picked up his brand new luxury class, custom designed space ship in which to do it. Unfortunately, unlike his best friend and engineer Karl Sadowsky, the two other crew members he’s just taken aboard are a complete mystery to him.


But events rarely go smoothly in outer space. It’s not long before Tank and his crew encounter Mars, a world turned upside down by ghost ships drifting in space and secrets abounding in the New World colony where freedom is at the whim of a power hungry dictator. Just to complicate things further, Tank finds himself fascinated by an attractive middle aged woman who has an annoying habit of intentionally interfering with his game plan.


It’s not long before questions soon arise. Why are so many women disappearing in the space between Earth and Mars? Why are their telepathic abilities turning off? What mysteries lurk in the Mariner Valley they hadn’t foreseen? But most of all, what are those mysterious voices Tank keeps hearing in his head?


Join Tank on his rapid fire journey to discover himself.


I challenge you to just keep up!  

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